Parking Lots, Roads and Streets

Paving your parking lot with asphalt can be the most cost effective pavements to install. Commercial, industrial, new construction or renew and repair, asphalt is the clear choice.

  • Pave with asphalt and quickly complete your project.
  • Parking lot, road or street.
  • Asphalt paving is the fastest start to finish.
  • Ready to use pavement process.
  • Minimize site disruption and delay.

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Asphalt Overlay or Resurfacing

Asphalt overlay or resurfacing can be a great way to go if the pavement and sub-grade are in good overall condition. We start the process with perimeter and transitional milling. After clean-up and pre-paving preparations are complete, paving the asphalt overlay is the final step. This does not look like a repair, it looks new, and at a fraction of the cost of new. That’s why they call us The Pavement People!

Mill & Pave

Milling or cold planing is a process by which a small layer of the existing pavement surface is removed, creating a stable, bonding surface, prior to applying the new pavement surface.

Asphalt Repair

Full or partial depth patching, and let’s not forget pot hole repair.

Speed Bumps & Humps/Traffic Control

Control your traffic for safety. The bigger the bumps and humps, the slower they go!

Paving Fabrics